Recording/mix studio in Copenhagen owned by Jens “Benz” Søndergaard

Lyrec TR53 Analog 2” 16 track and 32/26 in/out Mac Pro. Chilton QM3 BBC Console

If you want to work with me please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Phone: +45 2231 8974

People and bands I’ve recorded and/or mixed: Yung, Bisse, Værket, Modest, Pardans, Reverie, Liss, Childrenn, Guldimund(Asger Nordtorp), Irah, Kentaur, Icecream Cathedral, Klimaforandringer, New Kids, Bronson Brothers, SVIN, Spillemændene, Vampire Blow, Den Magnetiske Ørn, Communions, Reptile Youth, The Rumour Said Fire, Treefight for Sunlight,Emma Acs, Shiny Darkly, Iceage, Skurv, First Flush, Ocean View, Freja Loeb, Kidd, Girlseeker, Lower, Glow Kit, Goodiepal, 1000 Lax, The Floor is made of Lava, Peter Peter Schneidermann, Thread pulls, Cola Freaks, Chimes & Bells,  Thulebasen, Omar Soleyman, Euros Childs, Spektr/Manoj Ramdas, The Righteous, Speaker bite Me/Troels Abrahamsen, Kim LAS/Den Fri,  Frederik Teige(Efterklang), Mit Nye Band, Alle med Balloner og Terrasser, Von Dü, Patchanka, Gravy, Traening, PowerSolo, Sterling, Heavy Trash(Jon Spencer), The Tremolo Beer Gut, Lack, The Defectors, Candy Crash, Green Concorde, 20 BelowsEvil Death Machine, Death to Frank Ziyanak, Majessic Dreams, The Broken Beats, Superheroes, many more...

Jens Benz Studio